Dosing control

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inside, 1st floor


With help of this control based on a processor of the 8051-family up to 24 dishwashers can be supplied with ballast-soil. If a flap for detergency opens in one of the dishwashers, a corresponding valve opens and a central pump is activated. This can be provided via a cycling system or a single pumping system.

Each valve is surveyed to broken wires, all outputs are short-circuit-protected. The state of every valve can be watched out on LED’s on top of the control.

Via a teaching mode the pump time of every valve can be defined individually. A hardware timer guarantees that the pump time cannot be exceeded excessively. This and other faults activate an alert line and by four SPS-compatible lines the code of the fault can be read out. The code contains also the number of the valve.

If multiple machines demand soil at the same time, a fixed priority regulates the access collision-free.