Short description

The robot developed in our company is intended to be mounted on existing dishwashers. So it is possible to initiate up to 999 subsequent washing cycles, a stock of 36 portions of detergency allows a continuous run a whole weekend long without personal surveying.

Control  communicates with the machine, so i. e. the detergency is let in at the same time when the flap inside the door opens. After that, ballast-soil is pumped out of a central dosing system, the door is closed and the main washing cycle is started. After passing a pause the next cycle is started until the number of maximal cycles is reached.

If multiple machines demand soil at the same time, a settable priority regulates the access collision-free. Via the control any program the machine offers can be initiated, with or w/o salt or rinse aid.

In the setup mode all important parameters can be defined and by a memory-card transported to other machines in the system. See also:

Numerous surveying algorithms guarantee that the system always stays in failsafe condition and that no unforeseeable dangerous situation occurs. If some machine or robot is in a faulty condition, alert-lines are activated, they i. e. can be used to dial a certain number via a mobile interface.